KX3 Companion On Large Screens

Hi everyone,

A couple of days ago, while trying to find some Android device with a stereo mic in, I’ve found the Minix Neo X series.

They are sort of miniPC that you can attach to any HDMI display. Not like the USB Key Android miniPC. They are much more powerful and a little bit larger in size.

So I decided to order a middle class model: the Minix Neo X7.

It is a powerfull Android hardware with pretty fast CPU (quad A9) and GPU(quad Mali-400), 2Gb of RAM, 16Gb of storage, SD card option, 3 USB ports, one OTG port(!), Audio In/Out, Wifi, Blutooth and IR (remote included).



If you want the full specs you can look here:

On the OS/Software side it is a full featured Android 4.2.2 and you can run almost every app in the Google Store… KX3 Companion included!

My hope was that the microphone port was stereo, so that I could have developed the full panadapter and have it run on a large display! Unfortunately it’s not stereo. It’s mono 😦 I still have to try attaching a USB sound card to it, but I don’t think that they embedded the drivers to support stereo audio in via USB.

Despite that, running the KX3 Companion on it is cool.

You can connect a Bluetooth (or USB) keyboard and mouse. There’s also a proprietary app that lets you use a tablet/phone (iOS and Android) as a full remote to move the mouse pointer, type using the soft keyboard, or use them as game pads to play games. Again… cool!

Initially I took it to have the KX3 Companion running as a “desktop” app with a large monitor, but I’ll probably used mainly attached to the TV for kids to play movies, games, browsing and Skype video calls with grandparents as you can attach webcams to it.

Don’t know if Android L will ever be ported to the Minix Neo X7 (on X8), but if so it’d be a very good solution to have a desktop panadapter attached to a desktop display without the need to use the tablet/phone.

72/73, Andrea IU4APC


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