CW & KX3 Companion

Hi everyone,

if you are a CW fan here are a few tips and tricks to use KX3 Companion at best.

  1. Attach the RX I/Q out to your Android device.
    By using an audio in/out splitter you should be able to expose the microphone port out of the earphones one. This is valid for most of the Android devices. By using a male to male jack you should be able to attach the RX I/Q out to the microphone port. This way you should be able to monitor up to 24kHz of bandwidth with the audio spectrum/waterfall. If you instead use the Phone out of the KX3, you’ll be able to monitor up to only 4kHz.
  2. Use CW REV instead of CW.
    The Touch QSY works perfectly if you use the “CW REV” mode. With QSY button checked, You’ll be able to touch the spectrum/waterfall, hold and swipe to align the white line with the CW signal and once you are perfectly in line, simply release you finger and the KX£ will perfectly QSY to the signal. With CW alignment is not good.
  3. Use DSP button to center frequency and adjust your filter width.
    With the DSP button enabled, you’ll be able to see where you center frequency is (red line) and the range of the filter. This is a great help to see if your signal is perfectly centered and to adjust the filter width to your needs.

The audio spectrum/waterfall with an up to 24 kHz monitoring bandwidth and touch QSY are a huge help for searching for signals and center them in a matter of seconds.

If you have any additional tip or trick, feel free to comment below.

72/73, Andrea IU4APC


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