CallSign Recognition With Regular Expression

Hi everyone,

I wanted to take a break from coding for KX3 Companion but I wasn’t able to do it today as I had so many emails from you that I had to code some of your suggestions.

After the multiline support I decided to solve one of the main feature request that is copy&paste of call signs in the RX area to the Call field. For technical reason that I won’t explain in details here a real copy (highlight) and paste is not easily possible.

So I decided to go with something “smarter”… at least in my opinion: automatic call sign recognition.

Thanks to the power of regular expressions I’ve been able to develop a relatively easy way to recognize if a string is potentially an ITU compliant call sign or not.

With a click of the RX area, it’ll be possible to pickup all the automatically recognized call signs and select the one to be copied to the “Call” field (and eventually lookup for it on

For those interested in the regular expression I used:


Not that difficult in reality and I found some help on people working on that in the past.

It seems to work pretty well. I should do an extensive test to see what percentage this regular expression is able to cover 🙂

I think I can call the coding day with those two small important steps forward.

72/73, Andrea IU4APC


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