DX Cluster Feature Done

Hi everyone,

I can call the DX Cluster feature done.

Thanks to DXCluster.co.uk API I’ve been able to integrate this feature into the KX3 Companion app.

It works as an additional module, like the SWR Meter and the Audio Spectrum/Waterfall.


It’ll show you a list of the spots.

The list can be filtered by BAND and/or with a custom alphanumeric filter. You decide the string that has to be in the spot (for example: qrp, /p, japan, psk, etc) and it’ll show only the spots with that string.

A simple press of one of the lines will QSY to the spot frequency, and if enabled, also will query QRZ.com for all the information (name, QTH and locator).

The same applies to the alarm option. You set a string that has to be in the spot, and the app will alert with a popup message and an alert sound. The alert will give you the option to immediately QSY to the spot frequency. As before, it’ll also query QRZ.com (if enabled) for the other information.


That finish the development of the “external resources” package including eQSL, QRZ.com and DX Cluster support.

Before releasing the new updated version I have to finish the TUNE Helper feature and fix some small bug.

72/73, Andrea IU4APC


2 thoughts on “DX Cluster Feature Done

  1. Looks great Andrea the filter feature is a smart addition, as well as the automatic lookup of call signs. I’ve always wondered why modern software didn’t do that automatically. Nice to be able to skip the lookup step!

    • The filters and alarms can be used for almost everything you need.

      You can look for a specific call sign, country, mode (ask), for QRP or /P, etc.

      You can do that both for showing spots and for alerting you about a specific spot.

      I would have liked to add a map but it takes too much time and I want to move to close the update and release it in the next days.

      72/73, Andrea IU4APC

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