DX Cluster Feature Developing

Hi everyone,
yesterday I worked mainly on the DX Cluster integration.

It is working pretty well and I’m now able to get online data and show them as an always updated list.

Here’s a screenshot of what it look like right now:


What I’ll do today is add:

  • a band filter so that you can decide to show spots on a specific band.
  • one click QSY, so that simply clicking the spot the KX3 automatically tunes to it.
  • probably some alerting feature so that when a specific string (it may be a specific country, or call sign or part of a call sign) shows up, an alert is popped.
  • a long click could show where geographically the spot is… still deciding if I want to add that in the first release, maybe for the future ones.

By default the list is updated every 15 seconds, but the frequency can be customized so to lower internet traffic.

All the data are taken from the free (and great) service from http://www.dxcluster.co.uk

After that I’ll come back to finish the TUNE Helper and I should be ready to pack and release the update.

72/73, Andrea IU4APC


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