My Full Portable Setup

Hi everyone,

today I want to share with you my super portable setup:

full portable setup

Made of:

  • Elecraft KX3 (with custom “punk” heatsink)
  • Nexus 7 2013 with KX3 Companion 😉
  • Wonderloop antenna (supercompact magloop)
  • Bluetooth keyboard

With that setup I’m able to do QSO in SSB, CW and digital modes (PSK31 and RTTY) with very low weight and size. You can take this setup almost everywhere.

BT is absolutely optional. You can use other antennas instead of the Wonderloop. I just got it and like it a lot considering that it can stay in your pocket.

My favorite portable antennas are the Alexloop and the HyEndFed QRP Multiband 40/20/10.

In the coming days I hope to be able to do a WPRS comparison using the 3 antennas.

This picture is mainly to show how small you can go without much sacrifice… also thanks to the KX3 Companion (:D) that makes doing QSOs in PSK31 and RTTY (particularly) a snap without the need for a PC.

72/73, Andrea IU4APC


4 thoughts on “My Full Portable Setup

  1. Looks like someone already has the audio our hooked up to the mic jack for wspr testing 🙂

    I’ll post a pic of my setup later today.

    Is the tablet attached to the radio? What kind of stand/holder is that?

    I’m an endfed user myself, I use the one LNG makes, but it sounds like the tuner feature is a great helper with an alexloop, son I’m saving my pennies :-$

    • 😀

      WSPR is not ready yet, it’ll take some time.

      I’m actually focusing more on the eQSL (done!), (done!) and DX Cluster (coding right now) features.

      The stand is one made by Trust. Works pretty well and it’s specifically made for the Nexus 7.

      End Fed antenna is probably the best choice. Much quieter than I expected!

      Now I have to take everything out and do some testing. At home I have too much QRM.

  2. Is the wonder loop working well for QRP?

    • Ciao Chris,

      Well difficult to say as I haven’t got the time to test it for real. I want to do a sort of comparison with the Alexloop but I’ve been so busy with my day job and family that I’ve not been able to tie it out for some real test.

      I only tested it indoor and in WSPR so not real QSO and its performances are like 50% of an Alexloop. Depending on bands. But even being heard with such a small antenna is a “wonder”. So it is something that can be use for fun, for very light setups like radio + wonder loop all in a small bag and try to do something whatever it comes. And for SWL it works very well. For QSO much much depends on conditions. But they are doable. But it’s a cool small antenna.

      72/73, Andrea IU4APC

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