QRZ.com XML And eQSL.cc Integration Done!

Hi everyone,

just a quick update on today’s coding for next update.

The TUNE Helper feature is almost done. It’s only a matter of same small graphic improvement but it works (and sounds!) well. I like the beeping. I tested with the Alexloop and the Wonderloop and it’s a nice feature.

But most important I coded the integration with QRZ.com XML and eQSL.cc services.

If you are subscribed to QRZ.com XML service you simply have to enable it in the settings and put your username and password.

If everything is right, as soon as you press “enter/done” after the callsign, the app does a QRZ.com lookup and automatically fills in the name, QTH and locator. Very cool!

eQSL.cc integration is also very useful. Again, if you are subscribed to it, all you have to do is enable it in the settings and put username and password.

From now on, every time you add a QSO log, it’ll also be automatically uploaded to eQSL.cc and the electronic QSL immediately delivered to your contact. Tested and works flawlessly.

That’s all for today.

No WSPR coding and nothing too complicated 😀

72/73, Andrea IU4APC


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