Bluetooth A2DP Is No Joy

Hi everyone,

yesterday I got my Bluetooth A2DP transmitter and receivers. I ordered both just to them both “sides” (profiles). While I’ve been able to pair the receiver one, I’ve not been able to pair the transmitter.

That means I’m able to send audio via A2DP but not to receive.

Receive audio is that is what I needed as I wanted to attach the transmitter to the KX3 and receive stereo audio directly yo the Nexus 7. I tried with the Motorola Moto G as well and the device is not seen.

So that doesn’t seem to be a workable way to have stereo audio in.

I think we’ll have to wait for Android L to be released. And somehow that is a “good news” as this way I can focus on other features and other apps development in the meanwhile.

Yesterday I started the WPRS coding and the TUNE Helper feature.

WSPR encoding is not an easy task as it may seem and let’s say that I’m half way to have the encoding process done. After that I’ll have to work on the audio side to create the final audio output. But that is something that I really want to develop as there’s no Android solution so far for that and that’s why I’ll probably develop it as a stand alone app as well as a module for the KX3 Companion app.

The TUNE Helper is coming out well. It’s like pressing the TUNE button of the KX3 but with a graphical and audio feedback. This is something that will be more useful for Alexloop owners and other antennas that require some kind of tuning to find the best SWR.

I tried the SWR Meter to see if I’m able to replicate the issues reported by some users but I’ve not been able to do that. I’ll check to code to see if I can optimize it and make it more stable.

I also want to fix PA MODE On crash. Yesterday I’ve found that the KX3 sends a lot of stuff when the PA MODE is activated and I’m trying to filter them all out but still it crashes. Probably I’m still missing something.

I also added two new options to the app: keep alive (the device won’t go to sleep with the option on) and no error correction/word prediction. Both are now set to true by default but it’ll be possible to set them off so that it behave as it does actually.

That’s all for now.

72/73, Andrea IU4APC


2 thoughts on “Bluetooth A2DP Is No Joy

  1. Thanks for the update Andrea. Too bad about the BT solution not working. But that kind of dead end is to be expected from time to time when you are pushing the envelope.

    Looking forward to the next app update!


    • Yes definitely too bad.
      But I’m not in a hurry. I can wait for Android L to come out. For now I don’t have other potential solutions to try.

      Andrea IU4APC

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