Update 9.8 (Spectrum + Waterfall) Is Out

Hi everyone,

I just uploaded to the Google Store the latest update with the following features:

  • New Audio View with Spectrum AND Waterfall at the same time!
  • New color maps for spectrum and waterfall
  • Added macro symbols for Sent Serial (SSER |) and Sent RST (SRST ^)
  • Added CW REV mode
  • Various small interface retouches
  • Various bug fixes

Thanks to all the users that sent me emails with suggestions and bug reporting.

72/73, Andrea IU4APC


11 thoughts on “Update 9.8 (Spectrum + Waterfall) Is Out

  1. Andrea, great work as always, and the quick new feature updates are like a daily present!

    There does appear to be a bug: when selecting the presets screen, the app refuses to return to the main screen and the USB connection appears to reconnect over and over.

    I am using a Nexus 7 (2013) which works with the splitter cable you recommended.

    The tablet does appear to enable some form of auto levels, so when the band you are looking at in spectrum or waterfall (or both!)are quiet, there is a lot of activity seen, even though there are no audible signals.

    Once the band is busy, like 14,070 can get with psk31, then the reading is as you would expect, with very clear tracks in the waterfall.

    Perhaps you can add some form of audio input control that will override any defaults on the device?

    And finally, I really like the ui choice you made in spectrum/waterfall mode with the macro pop-up still available and very usable.

    Again, thank you for the work. Independent software development is hard to do, so its extra appreciated.

    AC – KF5SLN

    • Ciao Adam,

      thanks for reporting the Presets bug. I modified the way it is closed but evidently it doesn’t work like expected. I’ll fix it immediately.

      The auto-adjusting works as expected. When there’s no activity all you see is noise. When a signal is present it stands out and the noise disappears. That creates some too high signals when it’s noise. But that also permits to low signals to stand out and be shown very well. So that is exactly how I wanted to behave.

      Thanks again for your feedback and keep on giving feedback and reporting bug. That helps me a lot to keep on developing the app and make it better and better.

      73, Andrea IU4APC

    • Fixed the but and just uploaded version 99.
      Presets works again as before.
      Thanks again for reporting, my friend!

      73, Andrea IU4APC

      • Thanks Andrea, I will update as soon as its available. I have been playing around with WF/SP and fid that turning off PRE and turn ATTN on with AF setting at 1 world best with my Nexus 7 (2013)

        Thanks again!

        73 Adam KF5SLN

      • Very good info.
        I’ll do some test as well. Are you using the phone jack or the IQ RX out?

      • Oh wow, you just blew my mind. I have been using the phone jack all this time, never thought to use the IQRX! I have just plugged in the proper cable and am seeing instant results and a HUGE difference!

      • Sure! This way you’ll be able to use the whole 24kHz if you want.
        Consider that this shows only “one side” of the IQ but it’s much better than using the phone jack. Also the SNR (signal to noise) is way better using the IQ RX out.

      • I feel like such a n00b! Yes, now this thing is really kicking! Turned on the IQ RX in the menu and see the 24k spectrum. QSY is a dream. I dob’t even see why I would want the PX3 panadapter now, this has it all!!!

        You rock.

        73 Adam – KF5SLN

      • Well a panadapter shows both side of the IQ so you can see before and after the frequency you are on. With the KX3 Companion actually you can only see after the frequency you are on.

        In theory I can take both sides and show them but I’m still deciding if I’ll add the panadapter option to the KX3 Companion or develop a stand alone app.

        The PX3 will have up to 200kHz bandwidth while with Android devices I’d be able to reach 48kHz maximum. Other than that, most of the PX3 features are there with many things more. And being all software based I can add whatever I want 😉

        I agree with you that touch QSY work very well and the new version has some additional adjustment for CW/CW REV modes.

        Enjoy it!

        73, Andrea IU4APC

      • I understand the differences.

        I had a hands-on and a chat with some Elekraft folks at Hamcom in Dallas.

        The panadapter was on display, which will cost about $500 *when* it ships, but nothing was working yet, not even the ability to QSY, and that is not touch, but with a knob.

        The decoder text and the capability to add a keyboard are all *planned* features, so I see the KX3 Companion as a leader in what KX3 owners want with a very long lead.

        I would happily pay for a KX3Companion+P (panadapter) as a new version.

        And I think I’ve mentioned before that I’d also happily pay for a version that has the capability to log into a DXSpotter telnet session, and QSY to a spotted frequency

        You are developing for a whole new generation of Amateur Radio Operators Andrea, who understand what development is, and will definitely pay for more features.

        Thank you again, this waterfall/spectrum is fantastic!


      • Thanks again Adam. Your DX Cluster idea is good and shouldn’t be difficult to implement. As well as the full IQ support. I’m also thinking about QRZ.COM XML support as well as eQSL.cc support as well.

        Some are also asking for WSPR to test setup performance.

        Loooot of things that will keep me busy for months 😀

        I wish that much more people think like you do as this way I’ll be able to dedicate more time developing.

        Andrea IU4APC

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