Waterfall Indeed!

…then came the waterfall!

After a few days of full immersion coding I finally reached my goal that was to add a fully working spectrum and waterfall to the KX3 Companion app.

The waterfall was the missing piece and yesterday evening I finished coding it.

It works very well and both the Spectrum and the Waterfall are stable and fast enough even on not so up to date devices.

Here are another couple of screenshots showing the waterfall in action:

As you can see it is also pretty sensible (look at the JT65 flebile signals on the first image) thanks to the auto-adjusting algorithm that I’m using for both the spectrum and the waterfall.

Using it is very simple. Simply select “WATERFALL” from the tools spinner. So now you can choose between SPECTRUM and WATERFALL views.

The update has been just uploaded to the Google Store and as usual within a few hours it will be available to be downloaded.

72/73, Andrea IU4APC


2 thoughts on “Waterfall Indeed!

  1. Another great update Andrea! Question, what are you using with the nexus 7 to send the audio from the transceiver? A cable, or just the built in mic?

    • Ciao Adam,

      I use an audio splitter that plugs in the Nexus 7 earphones jack. The earphone jack has both audio in and out but normally you only use out. With the splitter you have two female jack exits, one for the audio in and one for the out.

      I then simply attach the audio in to the phones/RX IQ of the KX3.

      If you want one look for an audio in/out (mic) splitter. Not the two audio out ones!

      73, Andrea IU4APC

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