Studying, Studying, Studying! :D

Hi everyone,

this is a quick post just to say that I’m not dead.

I’m simply at a turn point of the development. I’m deciding how to keep on developing the app.

I started working on the development of the KX3 Remote for iOS that should be a KX3 Companion version for iOS that can only work by using “remote control” solutions like the Serial Over Internet solution, the Piglet/Pigremote or Serial Over Bluetooth.

The fact is that developing for iOS and developing for Android are two completely different matters. There’s nothing, not even a single line of code that I can reuse. It means that I have to redo almost everything I already made for Android.

I started studying Objective-C and iOS development and it’s an interesting stuff but the problem is if I have time (and will) to develop two separated versions for two different platforms. The answer I gave myself is… probably not.

I’m trying to port app development into my “daily job” so that what I do for the KX3 Companion/Remote also is useful for my job and vice versa but that is not enough.

So actually I’m at a turning point. Since the last few days I started exploring some of the multi platform app development solutions and there are some very interesting and good ones.

Actually I’m evaluating Corona SDK that is a nice environment based on the Lua programming language that I already know and love 🙂

Most of the other ones are mainly Javascript/HTML5 based solution like PhoneGap/Cordova, Titanium etc. PhoneGap/Cordova is the one I like more for now.

Unfortunately I didn’t had any occasion in the past to develop in JavaScript/HTML5, so I’m actually taking a full immersion training session to learn as much as I can and start porting an app I already developed for work that is less complex than the KX3  Companion.

This week I think I’ll take a “definitive” decision. I’ll keep you updated.

72/73, Andrea IU4APC



4 thoughts on “Studying, Studying, Studying! :D

  1. Andrea,
    As always, thank you for the work you’ve done.
    Why you would subject yourself to cross platform app development is beyond me, clearly both platform vendors will continue to do everything possible to make you choose a side eventually. Its the nature of the beast I’m afraid.
    Although I am an iOS user in general, I speficially purchased a Nexus 7 to be able to use your Android app and have been very happy.
    My advice; stick to one platform and charge 10x what you are charging now. The work is really that good.
    Have a look at the CW Skimmer as a business model. I believe the cost for a single license to use that software is $75. And it is windows only.
    The program is just that good, and only available on that platform.
    Regardless, I will continue to follow and support your endeavours as I have been around long enough to know that supporting the independent developer is well worth it in the end.

    • Thanks a lot Adam!
      If I can find a solution to let it work on both the platform it’ll be great. Otherwise I’ll surely keep on working on Android only.
      73, Andrea IU4APC

  2. Hi Andrea,
    In looking for a VNC type connection to controll my radio club’s remote repeaters I ran across a free program that is muultiplatform… TeamViewer.

    This software is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, ANDROID, and a couple of other modes. The software appears to have all the features one might want for VOIP and remote screen manipulation…. as well as file transfer and so on.

    Perhaps your work is already done for you.

    I have the app pending download on my NookieDroid and also loaded on my programming computer so I’ll be trying it out shortly and it may be just what I need to do what I need for my activities.

    John KB0NE

    • Ciao John,
      I know well TeamViewer but it’s not what I’m looking for.
      There’s already a quick and dirty solution for the audio that works and it’s using Skype. In the KX3 Remote page I explain about that.
      Thanks for suggesting 😉
      73, Andrea IU4APC

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