Early Remote Support And Bug Fixes In Coming Update

Hi everyone,

just a quick post to say that I’m working on a new update that should be available today or max tomorrow.

I’ve been able to integrate an early support for Remote operation and I’m writing a page dedicated to it with instructions, host software/code etc.

This version doesn’t support audio in/out but probably will be integrated in the update after the one that is about to come. I decided to integrate SIP (Voice Over IP) support so that you can register to a free service and use it with the app and install the client on the host device that can be a PC, a Rapberry Pi or whatever.

If you want to test the audio with the coming version, in the online manual, I explain how to do that using Skype 😉 Quinck and dirty (but working) method!

So stay tuned and I’ll send another post when the update will be available in the Google Store.

73, Andrea IU4APC


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