SWR Meter!

140409180141 copyHi everyone,

I just finished coding a cool new feature for the coming version of “KX3 Companion”: the SWR Meter.

There’s a new button: Tools that let you use different tools like the default one that are the macros, the presets and now the SWR Meter. More “tools” are in development.

It’s a function that will allow you to automatically scan a range of frequencies and have a chart with the SWR value for each step.

The use is very easy:

  1. move to what you want to be the center frequency for the range you want to scan
  2. select the step size (from 5kHz to 500kHz)
  3. press “RUN”

The KX3 will automatically sweep a range made by 5 steps, each one of the step size you selected: 2 before the center frequency, 1 is the center frequency and 2 after the center frequency.

The scan is pretty fast… it takes around 1 sec for each step.

Attached is a screenshot of what it looks like.

So the new version will surely have:

  • keyboard shortcuts for macros, fields and frequency move
  • additional fields to record RX RST/TX RST and RX Serial/TX Serial
  • SWR Meter
  •  beacon functionality

The beacon functionality will allow you to send a predefined message every N minutes. You’ll also be able to add your GPS coordinates and/or locator (automatically calculated).

That’s all for today and stay tuned 😉

Andrea IU4APC


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