Updates On Making KX3 Companion Work On Nook HD+

Earlier today I got an email from my friend John KBoNE that is working hard on his Nook HD+ to make it the ultimate KX3 Companion tablet 🙂

He also sent a few pictures of his setup:

And here’s the email:

Hello all:  (Updated HD+ info)
 1) I installed the “KitKat Rooted” android OS and backup from Androidfornook.com. 
Cost is $12. You must have this particular companies Jelly Bean or KitKat OS since
these 2 versions contain a built in “USB-to-host-switch” app that makes the Nook
“HOST” USB peripherals. Using the rooted OS replaces the B&N OS and may void your
warranty (if you are worried about that).  Using a rooted OS makes the Nook respond
very fast.

  Androidfornook.com also sells a dual boot version that resides on the external
flash card and doesn’t disturb the B&N OS, but it is slower performance. (Personally
I’m tired of B&N using my screen space for advertising…..)

correct flash card and so on.

 2) Download the free version KX3 Companion appto see if the software will work.     

Mine Worked fine first time!
 2.A) The fee based KX3 Companion app works great.

 3) (Nook OTG cable…  there are none).  I use the regular Nook USB input / charging
cable and connected it to a USB-A-FeMale to USB-A-FeMale connector adapter.  While
the adapter is available on Fee-bay and Amazon, I made mine from a dual USB port
connector removed from a dead Motherboard.  Very simple and easy.

 4) I use an external powered 7 port USB expander pod attached to the KX3 USB cable
and a USB keyboard.   Note that once the USB keyboard is connected the pop-up on
screen keyboard will not pop-up. No need for an expensive Bluetooth keyboard (both of
those are a bonus!)

 5) After some fiddling around and rebooting the Nook I was able to connect to the
KX3 and the USB keyboard and send some practice CW Xmissions using the external

 The USB HOST SWITCH app in the Androidfornook OS is located on the home screen at
the upper right corner in a pull down “quick settings” menu.  Do not load the USB
HOST SWITCH app as a separate issue since the built-in app will conflict with the on
screen app.

 Note, the USB must be in passive, not hosting mode to be able to charge the Nook.  
Also the Nook does power the USB port in hosting mode but the external powered USB
expander pod is highly recommended to keep from discharging the Nook battery too

For portable use I scavenged a couple scrapped 12 volt to 5 volt switch mode cell
phone chargers to be able to power the USB pod and recharge the Nook and other USB
based devices from my 12V battery / solar panel.
Now all I have to do is to get on top of a mountain with an extra 12V battery!

If you would like to discuss this and save some KX3 bandwidth please contact me

directly at
KB0NE dot ARS at GMAIL dot COM

Thanks again to John KBoNE!

I decided to start a page dedicated to that:



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