KX3 Companion Contesting Setup

Hi everyone,

I’m working on the next update and I already added support for ADIF format that should make easy to import QSO log into your most of the logging applications and services.

I also made it easy to pass from one field to the other… simply pressing enter (or if using an external keyboard using the arrow keys) you’ll be taken into the next field. Pressing the LOG button (can also be done via keyboard) will take you to the first field ready for adding another QSO. With the external keyboard you can move around each button/text field by using the arrow keys. So in theory you can use the app without touching the display.

For contesting I was thinking about adding the following fields:

  • Report SENT
  • Report RECEIVED
  • Serial SENT
  • Serial RECEIVED

I’ll do my best to also add a check based on the callsign so that as soon as you type it, you’ll know if that callsign has been worked already and if so on which band. This will require a total rewrite of the actual logging code but it’ll make it much more efficient,

I can also add QRZ.com queries to those with XML subscriptions.

Please let me know if you have any suggestion or comment. I don’t do contests (for now) so don’t really know what’s needed.

Andrea IU4APC


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