It’s Official: KX3 Companion Now Supports Piglet

Hi everyone,
I just uploaded a new version of the KX3 Companion that should be available within the next few hours on the Google Store.
There are many improvements and here’s a list:
  • Support for the Piglet Wifi serial interface. By using it you’ll no longer need any cable between your Android device and the radio
  • Redesigned interface to make sure that in no case the software keyboards covers any of the editable fields. This is valid both for phones and tablets
  • Optimized interface for tablets with large displays: you can now use 20 macros!
  • Added frequency “navigation” buttons. Band up/down and Frequency Up/Down. By long pressing the frequency up/down buttons you decide the step for the shift.
  • Mode now allows to select any of the 7 supported(AM/FM added this version)
  • WPM button now is used to increase/decrease by one the actual value. A simple press adds one to the WPM, a long press subtracts one
  • Performance improvement and bug fixes
Before updating I suggest you to uninstall the previous version and install the new one. Make sure you backup your files (QSOs, Macros, etc) as they could be deleted.
Many many thanks to Nick Garner N3WG for providing me the Piglet to support it in the code. It’s a great clever device and I love it already.
This is probably the last version without the audio spectrum/waterfall. I know that many are waiting for it but this is something that takes quite a lot of time to develop.
Many of the improvements came from suggestions of users and I can’t avoid thanking you all.
If you own and use the KX3 Companion please consider add a vote/comment in the Google Store. Thanks!
Have a great weekend!
Andrea IU4APC

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