KX3 Companion on Nook HD+

Hi everyone,

I’d like to share the email that John KB0NE just posted to Yahoo Elecraft KX3 group:

Hello all:
  I got the KX3 free companion android app working on my Nook HD+.
 1) I used the KitKat Rooted android app from Androidfornook.com  $12
 2) Downloaded the free version to see if the software would fit  FREE
 3) I used the Nook USB input cable and connected it to a USB-A-FM to USB-A-FM connector
 4) I used a powered 7 port USB expander pod attached to the KX3 USB cable and a USB keyboard hooked up
 5) After some fiddling around and rebooting the Nook I was able to connect to the KX3 and the USB keyboard and send some practice CW Xmissions using the external keyboard. (There is a USB HOST SWITCH app in the Androidfornook os that OTGs the Nook charge/USB port.  Note, the USB must be in passive, not hosting mode to be able to charge the Nook.   Also the Nook does not power the USB port in hosting mode so an external powered USB expander is required.).
 6) Was able to set frequency and do other operations the the free software allowed.

Now all I have to do is to get the for sale app loaded in my nook!

If you would like to discuss this and save some KX3 bandwidth please contact me directly 
KB0NE dot ARS at GMAIL dot COM
or use the KX3 Companion website: https://kx3companion.com/manual/#comments

John   KB0NE

I’d like to personally thank him for spending so much time working on finding this solution.

As soon as I got pictures and more details I’ll update this article.


Andrea IU4APC


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