Version 5 (mars) Is Available

Hi everyone,

I just released an updated version of the KX3 Companion. Thanks to all the users that are giving me a lot of suggestions. Most of the changes come from there.
Here’s a list of what’s new:
  • XMIT Mode (Chat) – By long pressing the SEND button, it becomes and XMIT button and everything you type is immediately sent. This is a perfect mode to be used with an external Bluetooth keyboard. You don’t need to press the XMIT button but simply type and the app sends using the chosen mode. The XMIT button is only used if you want to stop transmitting. Works with macros as well. To come back to the SEND button, long press the XMIT one.
  • Added a dialog to change the frequency value so that it’s no longer covered by the keyboard
  • Standard looking preference pane
  • Added K3 Compatibility. Check this option if you want to use the “KX3 Companion” on an Elecraft K3
  • Save data on external storage. With this option you can save logs, macros and settings files on a place that is easily accessible so that you can copy/edit them by connecting the phone/tablet to a PC.
  • Fixed some small bugs
To have see decoded text on the screen, you must enable screen decoding (TEXT button) on the KX3/K3.
Now I know can start working on audio spectrum/waterfall 🙂
Andrea IU4APC

4 thoughts on “Version 5 (mars) Is Available

  1. hello Andrea , with last version , I’ve Error occured:
    “an error has occured in sub: java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException:Invalid index 7, size is 7”
    sorry…72/73 jp de f1rxm

  2. I’ve reset and it’s good now …. ..
    ciao ciao jp

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