Chat (XMIT) Option Done!

Hi everyone,

I want to update you about the development as I finished working on the “chat” function and I personally like it a lot. It is perfect to be used with a Bluetooth keyboard. You can switch between the normal mode and the XMIT mode simply by long pressing the SEND button that will be replaced by the new XMIT one.
All you have to do at this point is type your message and it’ll be sent as you type. This works with CW, PSK31 and RTTY. In PSK31 and RTTY it’ll wait 4 seconds from the last char sent before dropping the line. But if you want to stop it earlier you only have to press the XMIT button.
You don’t have to press it to start transmitting as the transmission will start automatically as you start typing.
I tested it yesterday (and will do more tests later today) and I’m pretty exited about how this “chat modality” works. I love it and I think you’ll love it too!
The new version should be released later this week as I’m also working on more features.
  • XMIT mode (done!)
  • Visible popup panel to edit Frequency value
  • Elecraft K3 mode
  • Better SETTINGS section
  • Option to save everything on SD or virtual SD

Andrea IU4APC


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